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The Canal de la Garonne by bike : Marmande / Damazan

[ Cycle routes Canal des deux mers à vélo ] [ The canal de Garonne by bike from Bordeaux to Agen ]
  • 25 km
  • famille Level Family

Le Mas-d’Agenais is the highlight on this stage of the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo cycle route. Its church of St-Vincent is an architectural gem, startlingly containing a work by Rembrandt, Christ on the Cross. The wide vista over the Garonne at one end of the village adds to its attractions. At the end of the stage, the cycle track leads to Damazan, a bastide fortified town built from scratch in the 13th century.

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The route
This stage is along a well laid-out, signposted greenway.
To reach Le Mas-d’Agenais itself, cross the canal at the first bridge you arrive at, climb the slope opposite, then pass in front of the former washhouse of La Fontaine Galliane.


Link Canal de Garonne / Vallée du Lot
From Damazan, it’s possible to join the Voie Verte de la Vallée du Lot greenway, which leads to the splendid town of Cahors via a delightful 150km route. The starting point for this route lies 500m from the exit to the village, beside the canal. After following some small roads with little traffic, cross the Garonne River via a road bridge (dismount from your bike and lead it by hand along the pavement), then follow a busier road taking you to Aiguillon, dominating the Garonne and Lot Valleys.

Train stations SNCF

Train stations at Tonneins, Aiguillon and Port-Ste-Marie:

TER regional trains serve > Marmande and Bordeaux; and Agen (6 to 12 trains daily)
Change at Agen for Montauban/Toulouse
The train stations of Tonneins and Port-Ste-Marie lie 5km from the Canal de Garonne.

Note that there is no train station at Damazan (see Aiguillon, 6km away)


Tourist offices

Office du tourisme de Val de Garonne

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The Vallée du Lot à Vélo cycle route

You can join the Vallée du Lot à Vélo cycle route from Tonneins or Aiguillon, both between Marmande and Agen, and not far from the Canal des 2 Mers. The route then meanders through the Lot-et-Garonne’s orchards and the vineyards of the county of the Lot, leading you to wonderful traditional riverside villages. For now, the route stops at Cahors, an historic town on the famed Compostela pilgrimage way, designated a Ville d’Art et d’Histoire for its cultural riches. Relish this enchanting cycling trip over 2 to 3 days. Link: La vallée du Lot à vélo

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