Rue de Lamarque 47240 Castelculier
Built 1600 years ago in Castelculier, a few kilometres from Agen, Lamarque Gallo-Roman villa was re-born under the name Villascopia. This scenovision show combines theatre and cinema techniques to take you back to Aquitaine from the 4th century: Put on your polarised glasses to see the images in 3D and enjoy the show, with 5+1 surround sound and poetic staging, of the Gallo-Roman life of Paulin de Pella. After the show, you will find objects discovered during excavations of the villa in the adjacent museum: Statues, ceramics, sculptures, coins, mosaics, everyday objects, including the engraved ring that Paulin received from his friend Victorianus, then lost in the spas of his villa sixteen centuries ago. Each summer, you can take part in the Nights at Villascopia, a sumptuous Gallo-Roman banquet followed by scenovision and a torchlight guided tour of the ruins of the old villa.

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