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Download the relevant GPS tracks

Those of you who are fans of your GPS devices, then this page is for you. There’s nothing better than a GPS track to guide you with precision along the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo cycle route, if you use the most suitable devices. Follow our advice on this page and then you can swiftly download the excellent GPS tracks available.

Use a special outdoors GPS cycling device along the route

gps tracks of the czanal du midi cycle route

Outdoors GPS hiking and cycling navigation systems are the most suitable for guiding you with precision along the cycle route. We do not recommend that you use a car GPS system, as the mapping is not suitably adapted and specific, relevant route calculations are not available on such devices.

The tracks you can download are in .GPX format,  a standard format recognized by all modern devices and software.


Downloading the cycle route tracks


You will be able to download the complete tracks of the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo cycle route, or simply the stages that interest you, from the relevant stage pages.

Note carefully that any tracks you download from our website are strictly reserved for personal use, and are not for commercial use. For any usage other than personal use, you must seek authorisation from the website’s publisher (see the legal terms and conditions).