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Your Bicycle and Equipment

To make sure that you have a successful trip along the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo cycle route, it is essential that you have a bicycle and equipment in a good state of repair and, as far as possible, of good quality, adapted to the terrain. Read our advice on this page dedicated to your cycling equipment.

Suitable equipment for your cycling trip

Your choice of bicycle

From Royan to Vitrezay

As this part of the route is still being completed at time of writing, there are a few kilometres of uncomfortable, steep tracks to negotiate. However, a classic hybrid bike should suffice, as only a few portions of the 70km of this section are concerned, on stretches of less than 3km at a time.  

From Bordeaux to Port-Lauragais

As this whole portion is tarmacked, a classic hybrid bike is absolutely fine for this stretch.

For family cycling outings with small children, consider a bicycle trailer or a third wheel option, which offer more comfortable solutions for young children than a child’s seat attached to the back of a bike. This kind of additional equipment can be rented from bicycle-hire companies for the duration of your cycling trip.

From Port-Lauragais to Sète

As this portion of the route is still being completed at time of writing, many of its stages do present certain difficulties, for example with rough surfaces and tree roots sticking out…

In particular, note that using a trailer would be difficult for the time being along this portion.


If you are intending to do the whole route, best opt for a well-equipped hybrid bike.


Before heading out on your cycling trip, remember to check:
- your brakes
- your lights
- your gears
- your tyre pressures

Remember that hiring a bicycle is a good option either to be sure of having a well-equipped bike in a good state of repair, or maybe to complete the needs of a group cycling together.

Transporting luggage and small equipment

Heading out on a cycling trip of several days, transporting your luggage can quickly become a burden if you don’t have suitable equipment.
To transport your luggage more comfortably, use specially adapted saddlebags that can be easily fixed on to the rack at the back of your bike. Try to make sure that you opt for waterproof bags.

A backpack is fine for short cycling outings.
A bag or pannier that you can attach to the handlebar can prove very useful for storing your guidebook, camera and so on.
Always remember to carry a basic repair kit on you: a bicycle pump, an extra inner chamber and a multifunctional spanner.
Do not forget to use an anti-theft device when you stop and leave your bike to go and visit a place or sight along the route.

If you do not wish to have to transport your luggage, remember that there are tailormade cycling holidays you can opt for, where accommodation is reserved for you and your luggage is transported for you by the company, which also provides a detailed roadbook. All you have to do is pedal along!