23,97 Km
1 h 37 min
Mountain Bike advised

23,97 km cycling route from Narbonne to Port-la-Nouvelle

This very Mediterranean, very nature-based stage takes you through typical coastal Languedoc landscapes. You follow an extraordinary band of land shared with a railway line that passes between two huge coastal lakes. After passing by the Sainte-Lucie Reserve, you reach Port-la Nouvelle, both a working port and a resort, with a great long beach that cyclists can relax on after their ‘crossing of the desert’!

Elevation of the stage

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 20,88 km By road: 3,10 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 3,46 km Rugueux: 11,97 km Accidenté: 6,64 km Inconnu: 1,90 km

The route

After crossing the city of Narbonne, partly along streets shared with motorized traffic, you follow the towpath, which has only been roughly laid out for cyclists, to reach Port-La-Nouvelle.


SNCF train stations

Narbonne train station:
TER regional trains and Intercités trains serve > Carcassonne/Castelnaudary/Toulouse/Bordeaux; Béziers/Agde/ Sète/Montpellier (6 to 10 trains daily); Marseille (3 to 4 trains daily); Port-la-Nouvelle/Perpignan (numerous trains daily); Cerbère/Barcelona.
Port-la-Nouvelle train station:
TER regional trains serve > Narbonne (numerous trains daily); Perpignan (numerous trains daily); Cerbère/Barcelona.

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