Luggage and bicycles transfer services

Travel light with luggage transport services!

Luggage transport along the route

BagaFrance, France Vélo and Cyrpeo offer you to transport your luggage and bicycles during your trip on the Canal des 2 mers by bike!


Every day, BagaFrance, France Vélo or Cyrpeo picks up your luggage from 9am and then delivers it to the next indicated accommodation before the end of the day (5pm or 6pm depending on the provider).


Special orders can be made for a specific transfer from a different location (station, car park, private residence...) where pick-up and delivery must be made at a precise time and directly to the owners and not to a host.


For BagaFrance, baggage must not exceed 25 kg to benefit from the simple fare (delete the link). For France Vélo, there is no limit on weight or number of bags.


Cyrpeo offers its services between Castelnaudary and Montpellier.


Passenger and bicycle transport

France Vélo, BagaFrance and Cyrpeo also offer a bicycle transport service (including tandems, tricycles and trailers) to enable hikers to return to their starting point at the end of the hike or to alternate your trips. The transport, for up to eight people simultaneously, is carried out with a 9-seater vehicle, including the driver, and includes the luggage of hikers as well as their bicycles, carried on a trailer attached to the vehicle.


Bagafrance also offers a passenger transport service, France Vélo does not offer this service for private individuals.


And if you would rather rent a bike, France Vélo offers you bicycles adapted to roaming.