Lagruere Lock on the Garonne Canal © Le Canal des 2 mers à vélo - J. Damase

The Canal de Garonne

The final link in the canal chain joining Atlantic to Mediterranean

The Canal de Garonne, created much later than the famed Canal du Midi, runs alongside the mighty Garonne River for 193 kilometres. Dotted with 53 locks and several other remarkable related constructions, including the daring canal-bridges at Agen and Moissac, today this canal is shadowed by a beautiful, unbroken greenway accessible to all.

Today, you can cycle alongside the Canal de Garonne along the whole of its length, between Castets-en-Dorthe (nr Langon, southeast of Bordeaux) and Toulouse, going via Agen, Moissac, Montech and many other ports.


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